Sick of being Sucked Off - Get a Semi Soft


BUY ONLINE JUST CLICK ON  ENTER HERE TO BUY then click on Rebellion Saltwater and find the Rebellion Lures on Page 1 and 2.

Home of the Semi Soft - the real alternative to soft baits and soft plastics.The Semi Soft lure can be jigged, cast from the boat and rocks and trolled behind your boat or kayak.Great for Snapper to Kingfish, John Dory to Tuna and more. Also A range of Multi Purpose flashers for Snapper, Trevally and all bottom feeding fish.The  Deep Water lures for Tuna, Hapuka, Blue Nose and more. All Rebellion Lures are manufactured and packaged in
NEW ZEALAND. Support New Zealand Made Products. 
Join the fishing rebellion and add some
Semi Soft's to your fishing aresnal!

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